Welcome to the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa. "DCASA" for short, is a professional body representing Debt Counsellors in South Africa. All DCASA members subscribe to a Code of Conduct, ensuring high ethical standards that will maintain the integrity of the Debt Counselling industry. Since 2007, when the National Credit Act was introduced, DCASA has contributed significantly to the industry by engaging with industry stakeholders such as the National Credit Regulator, The Department of Trade and Industry, Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus.

It is DCASA's aim to develop a streamlined debt counselling industry by setting standards and training members, providing them with various products and services that will allow them to effectively and professionally deliver a service to over-indebted Consumers.


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DCASA offers various products and services with the aim of assisting its members in running an effective debt counselling practise. Most of the service offerings have been specially developed to address specific stages of the debt counselling process.

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Mentorship Programme

DCASA offers a Debt Counselling Mentorship Programme that allows newly registered Debt Counsellors to learn from an established Debt Counsellor. By making use of this programme you as Debt Counsellor will be able to avoid the hard learning curve that comes with starting up a new practice and gain valuable knowledge on how to effectively run your debt counselling practice.

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DCASA Legal Training

With all the uncertainty at magistrate's courts around the country, DCASA decided to provide training in the legal processes pertaining to Debt Counselling . The aim of the training is to equip each delegate with the knowledge on how to bring a successful application to court. The first Legal Training session was held on 17 November 2011, with great success. Refer to Events to see when the next Legal Training session is scheduled.

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Complaints Resolution & Mediation

On the 1st of March 2011 the DCASA launched a complaints resolution and mediation process with the aim of assisting consumers who would like to lodge a complaint against a Debt Counsellor. This service forms part of an industry effort to alleviate problems within and streamline all aspects of the Debt Counselling industry.

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Reckless Credit Booklet

DCASA developed a booklet to educate and assist Debt Counsellors with the concept of Reckless Credit Granting. The booklet takes a legal point of view and has extracts from all the sections in the National Credit Act that holds reference to Reckless Credit. It puts those extracts into perspective in a user friendly and understandable way. This booklet will be a powerful weapon in your efforts to combat Reckless Credit Granting

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Industry Representation

The DCASA has an active representation on various industry boards and associations. This is all in the effort of ensuring that we are up to date with industry happenings and strategically placed to counter efforts that are not in the best interest of our members. DCASA has representation on the following boards:

  • Debt Review Advisory Committee
  • Credit Provider / Debt Counsellor Forum
  • Credit Ombud Board
  • Credit Technology Association
  • Central Rules Engine Board

DCASA also actively corresponds with the National Credit Regulator to address industry issues and promote the interest of our members

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Legal Sponsorship Programme

DCASA and it's members have a passion for the protection of consumers. With this in mind, DCASA from time to time assists in a debt counselling case that has merit and can have a significant impact on the industry and debt counselling as a profession. In such cases, DCASA will make sure that the consumer and Debt Counsellor have ample legal representation, or contribute financially to the case. Such cases are laid before the National Executive Committee where it is then decided if sponsorship will be provided.

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News Feeds and News Letter

DCASA offers a monthly News Letter that reflects the most recent industry events. All the content contained in the News Letter is also published on the DCASA website through the News Feeds. Anyone can subscribe to the DCASA News Letter

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Knowledge Base

The Article Knowledge Base is a library of articles collected over a period of time, that carries academic value. Article categories range from Case Law to Practice Notes to Procedural issues. The Article Knowledge Base has dedicated authors that had been contributing to the industry since before the inception if the NCA. This service is only available to DCASA members.

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Discussion Forum

The aim of the forum is to provide a platform to industry stakeholders through which they can communicate, discuss and resolve industry issues. The Forum also provides a platform where Debt Counsellors or Consumers can ask questions, and have it answered by a knowledgeable Forum member. The forum is open to anyone who would like to participate in industry discussions.

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Access to specially Negotiated 3rd Party Services

From time to time DCASA identifies a critical service that is used by the majority of it's members. DCASA will then negotiate with the service provider, on behalf of our members, to provide the service at a discounted rate to our members. By doing this DCASA aims to add value and promote the interests of it's members.

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Interaction with Department of Trade and Industry

Over the past few years year DCASA has actively interacted with the Department of Trade and Industry on issues regarding the wellbeing of consumers and the Debt Counselling industry. In most interactions the main goal was to propose changes to the National Credit Act that would see a drastic improvement in the effectiveness off debt counselling as a remedy for over indebtedness. On Wednesday, the 12th of October 2011, a delegation from DCASA met with the DTI and presented them with a formal document setting out the proposed changes to the National Credit Act. DCASA also presented the DTI with an example of a debt counselling court application, to indicate how bulky the process is and that amendments to the act are the only way to improve the industry.

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Debt Counselling Conferences

DCASA holds annual conferences where delegates from all parts of the industry participate and share their views and objectives with the rest of the industry. Over the past view years these conferences have been proven to contribute significantly to the debt counselling industry. At these conferences, Debt Counsellors from all over the country get the opportunity to interact with other industry stake holders on a personal level. Have a look at the Events page to see when the next Conference is scheduled

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Regional Contact Sessions

Apart from the National Conferences held by DCASA, we also organise quarterly Regional Contact Sessions. The purpose of the Regional Sessions are to provide a platform to members to discuss industry issues in a more local context. Many industry issues are region specific and the Regional Session provides DCASA with more insight at a grass roots level. Have a look at the Events page to see when the next Regional Contact Session is scheduled in your area.

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Credit Provider and Attorney Data Base

One of the first challenges facing a Debt Counsellor is to ensure that correspondence is sent to the correct destination. That is why DCASA offers and extensive and detailed data base containing the detail of Credit Providers, their different departments and where correspondence should be sent at specific stages of a debt review. The information contained in the data base is checked and updated on a regular basis to ensure that our members have access to the most recent information. This service is offered to registered DCASA members only

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