Mentorship Programme

DCASA offers a Debt Counselling Mentorship Programme that allows newly registered Debt Counsellors to learn from an established Debt Counsellor. By making use of this programme you as Debt Counsellor will be able to avoid the hard learning curve that comes with starting up a new practice and gain valuable knowledge on how to effectively run your debt counselling practice.


Industry Representation

DCASA has an active representation on various industry boards and associations. This is all in the effort of ensuring that we are up to date with industry happenings and strategically placed to counter efforts that are not in the best interest of our members. DCASA has representation on the following boards:

  • Debt Review Advisory Committee
  • Credit Provider / Debt Counsellor Forum
  • Credit Ombud Board
  • Credit Technology Association
  • Central Rules Engine Board

DCASA also actively corresponds with the National Credit Regulator to address industry issues and promote the interest of our members

DCASA Conference

DCASA holds annual conferences where delegates from all parts of the industry participate and share their views and objectives with the rest of the industry. Over the past few years these conferences have been proven to contribute significantly to the debt counselling industry. At these conferences, Debt Counsellors from all over the country get the opportunity to interact with other industry stake holders on a personal level. Have a look at the Events page to see when the next Conference is scheduled.

Branch Meetings

Apart from the National Conferences held by DCASA, we also organise quarterly Regional Contact Sessions. The purpose of the Regional Sessions are to provide a platform to members to discuss industry issues in a more local context. Many industry issues are region specific and the Regional Session provides DCASA with more insight at a grass roots level. Have a look at the Home page to see when the next Regional Contact Session is scheduled in your area.

All Branch Meeting power point presentations are uploaded in the members section area, for those who are unable to attend a Branch Meeting.



DCASA offers an extensive knowledge base platform exclusive to its members that allows members to access industry documentation anywhere. No need to compile your own library as we compile and load all important documents on your behalf.

If you are a registered DCASA Debt Counsellor and also a member of DCASA you have full access to the following:

  • Summarised case law relevant to the industry;
  • Full law reports;
  • DCASA pdf powerpoint presentations;
  • DCASA training documents and guidelines;
  • Relevant acts, regulations and guidelines;
  • Consumer Newsletters; and
  • Debt Counsellor Newsletters; and
  • Recordings of Webinars hosted, etc.

This member section is a library of articles, newsletters, guidelines and training documents collected over a period of time, that carries academic value. All articles are moderated before being published in our member section to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Become a DCASA Member Today!

Membership benefits include

By becoming a member you will benefit from these great rewards. Annual and Monthly Membership options available.

  • Membership Certificates
  • Employee Workshops
  • Subscription to DCASA Newsletter for the latest industry news
  • Listing as a member on our website
  • Access to the DCASA website and Knowledgebase
  • Attendance to the DCASA's annual conference held at Emperors Palace
  • Member Support Services
  • Access to Provincial Branch Meetings
  • And much more!

Looking for something else? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries.