Welcome to the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa. "DCASA" for short, is a professional body representing Debt Counsellors in South Africa. All DCASA members subscribe to a Code of Conduct, ensuring high ethical standards that will maintain the integrity of the Debt Counselling industry. Since 2007, when the National Credit Act was introduced, DCASA has contributed significantly to the industry by engaging with industry stakeholders such as the National Credit Regulator, The Department of Trade and Industry, Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus.

It is DCASA's aim to develop a streamlined debt counselling industry by setting standards and training members, providing them with various products and services that will allow them to effectively and professionally deliver a service to over-indebted Consumers.


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Library Overview

DCASA offers an extensive knowledge base platform that allows industry stakeholders to interact with each other, share knowledge and keep up to date with industry issues. Whether you are a Debt Counsellor, Consumer, Credit Provider, Attorney or any other industry participant you will find the DCASA forums and knowledge base of great value.

If you are a registered DCASA Debt Counsellor you automatically have full access to the Article Knowledge Base and Forums.

The Forum provides a real time platform where delegates can ask questions and take part in discussions. The purpose of the Forum is to allow industry stakeholders to communicate with each other and address current issues within a controlled environment.

The Article Knowledge Base is a library of articles collected over a period of time, that carries academic value. Article categories range from Case Law to Practice Notes to Procedural issues. The Article Knowledge Base has a few dedicated authors that had been contributing to the industry since before the inception if the NCA. All articles are moderated before being published in our Knowledge Base to ensure that they are of the highest quality

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