Welcome to the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa. "DCASA" for short, is a professional body representing Debt Counsellors in South Africa. All DCASA members subscribe to a Code of Conduct, ensuring high ethical standards that will maintain the integrity of the Debt Counselling industry. Since 2007, when the National Credit Act was introduced, DCASA has contributed significantly to the industry by engaging with industry stakeholders such as the National Credit Regulator, The Department of Trade and Industry, Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus.

It is DCASA's aim to develop a streamlined debt counselling industry by setting standards and training members, providing them with various products and services that will allow them to effectively and professionally deliver a service to over-indebted Consumers.


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The DCASA Team

The people who make DCASA happen:

Admin Clerk

Christina Muzondo Admin Clerk
  • Christina Muzondo - NCR Number: 00

  • Email: admin@dcasa.co.za | Telephone: 0861432272 | Company: DCASA
  • Christina Muzondo is the Admin Clerk of DCASA and she deals with all accounting issues. She studied Bcomm Management with Bond South Africa and has been with DCASA since 2013

NEC Member

Eugene Cilliers NEC Member
  • Eugene Cilliers - NCR Number: 1636

  • Email: eugene@payplansolutions.co.za | Telephone: 0861626859 | Company: Pay Plan Solutions
  • Eugene has spent most of his working career in financial services. He started as a trainee in Venture Capital Equity Sales in 1997 working on the private client portfolios for a London based Stock Broking firm, Seymore Pierce Ellis.

    His interest in Debt Counselling started when he set up a call centre for a UK Debt Counselling firm, Sterling Green in 2007. Even though the South African Debt Counselling industry was still in its infancy stages, he was excited by the potential improvements South Africa had made over many other countries in debt restructure and subsequently did his Debt Counselling course in South Africa at the beginning of 2009. He has a keen interest in IT solutions for the industry and is an active Debt Counsellor with Pay Plan Solutions.

NEC Member

Gerhard Stoltz NEC Member
  • Gerhard Stoltz - NCR Number: 156

  • Email: gerhard@gsdc.co.za | Telephone: 0861473328 | Company: Gerhard Stoltz Debt Counsellors
  • Gerhard is an Attorney since 2003 and with BComm and LLB degrees specialising in Insolvency and Commercial Law. He has been a Debt Counsellor since December 2007 and he started Gerhard Stoltz Debt Counsellors in 2008 in East London. He has since expanded and have branches in Pretoria, Rustenburg and Mthatha. 


Mauritz van den Heever Treasurer
  • Mauritz van den Heever - NCR Number: 192

  • Email: mauritz@leocorp.co.za | Telephone: 0123481314 | Company: Leocorp Debt Counsellors
  • Mauritz is a Partner at Leocorp Debt Counsellors situated in Pretoria. He is a registered Debt Counsellor since 2007 and an active NEC member of DCASA since 2012.  He worked in the Banking Sector before becoming a Debt Counsellor.


Paul Slot President
  • Paul Slot - NCR Number: 7

  • Email: paul@octogen.co.za | Telephone: 0861113967 | Company: Octogen
  • Paul Slot is the President of DCASA and has been on the NEC of DCASA from the beginning of DCASA.  Paul has a  B Comm Honours (Potchefstroom University of CHE) and Masters Degree (UNISA).  He sat on the NCR Task Team and also on the Credit Ombud Board as well as DRAC.


test Test
  • test - NCR Number: NCR123

  • Email: mauritz@intelli.host | Telephone: 0114772953 | Company: Intellihost
  • asdasd

NEC Member

Tony Richards NEC Member
  • Tony Richards - NCR Number: 6

  • Email: tonyr@octogen.co.za | Telephone: 0861113967 | Company: Octogen
  • Tony Richards is the Founder of DCASA and was President from 2007 until 2011.  Tony is also a Director of Octogen.  Before Tony became a Debt Counsellor he worked in the Banking Sector.

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