Welcome to the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa. "DCASA" for short, is a professional body representing Debt Counsellors in South Africa. All DCASA members subscribe to a Code of Conduct, ensuring high ethical standards that will maintain the integrity of the Debt Counselling industry. Since 2007, when the National Credit Act was introduced, DCASA has contributed significantly to the industry by engaging with industry stakeholders such as the National Credit Regulator, The Department of Trade and Industry, Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus.

It is DCASA's aim to develop a streamlined debt counselling industry by setting standards and training members, providing them with various products and services that will allow them to effectively and professionally deliver a service to over-indebted Consumers.


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Mission & Vision statement

The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa uses it's Mission Statement to serve as a roadmap on the road to obtaining it's goals as set out in the Vision Statement:

Mission Statement

  • To be the professional representative body for all Debt Counsellors in South Africa
  • To foster, protect and uphold the rights and interest of our members
  • To be a centre of excellence and provider of courses and training
  • To keep members up to date with the theory and practice of Debt Counselling and related services
  • To insist upon a high and ethical standard of behaviour on the part of members
  • To take any steps which may be thought necessary to stop or prevent dishonourable conduct and practices by members and other industry stake holders
  • To fight and challenge all discriminatory practices relating to reckless credit granting by Credit Providers
  • To uphold, protect and advance the Debt Counselling profession through the rule of law
  • To promote fair credit practice within South Africa
  • To facilitate the consideration and discussion of matters of interest between industry stake holders
  • To find means of generating business for our members and in so doing directly contribute to their wellbeing
  • To without limitation, engage in any action that will uphold the good standing of the debt counselling profession

Vision Statement

  • We envision a future where the DCASA is recognised, by the National Credit Regulator and other industry stakeholders, as being the only professional body, expertly representing all Debt Counsellors in South Africa.
  • We also envision a South Africa where Debt Counselling and Responsible Debt Management is recognised as a catalyst for economic prosperity.
  • We envision a Debt Counselling industry where procedures developed by the DCASA is regarded as the industry standard and are implemented by all industry stakeholders.
  • We further envision a Debt Counselling industry that is streamlined and coordinated by products and services provided by the DCASA.
  • We also envision a future where the DCASA is recognised as the premier institution of expertise, knowledge and excellence regarding issues in the Debt Counselling industry.
  • We further envision that the majority of over indebted consumers seeking the assistance of a debt counsellor will recognise members of the DCASA as having a higher level of ethics, and consequently regard the services offered by a DCASA member as their remedy of choice for over indebtedness.
  • Finally, we envision a South Africa where fair credit practice is at the order of the day and thousands of over indebted consumers have been assisted by members of the DCASA, and successfully rehabilitated into the credit market.
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