5 Reasons why you should belong to a professional association

It is DCASA’s aim to develop a streamlined Debt Counselling industry by setting process guidelines and training Members, in addition DCASA aims to provide Members with various products and services that will allow them to effectively and professionally deliver Debt Review service for over-indebtedness Consumers.

Broaden your Knowledge

We provide the necessary resource information and ongoing access thereto. You do not need to build your own database. DCASA has a library with industry related documentation, summaries of applicable case law, newsletters and we create booklets and guidelines to assist Members.

Remain informed and up to date with industry development. DCASA has quarterly branch meetings in Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Free State and Eastern Cape to provide members with updates and feedback on industry issues.


Strength in Numbers

DCASA is the biggest and oldest Debt Counselling Association in South Africa. Our large membership enables DCASA to negotiate and advocate well on Industry matters.


Build a Better Resume

Displaying the DCASA logo on your website will impress Consumer’s and Credit Providers.

DCASA represents Members at all industry platforms and DCASA has since 2007 played an instrumental role in improving the Debt Review process for Debt Counsellors and Consumers.


Enhance your Network

If you are a DCASA Member you enhance your network dramatically. Meet other Debt Counsellors, increase Credit Provider contact and enjoy Consumer acknowledgement of DCASA.

DCASA hosts the biggest and best Debt Counselling Conference event year where industry is shared.


Give Back

Become a mentor to recently registered Debt Counsellors can be a great reward. Once again expanding your network and assisting the Debt Review process. We also ask our Members on a regular basis for feedback, ideas and opinions on specific issues. As your voice, should always be heard.


Become a DCASA Member today!

By becoming a member you will benefit from these great rewards and also have the opportunity to grow and improve the Debt Counselling industry.