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Maximus Debt Counselling Software

Type of service: Debt Counselling Software
Telephone: 0114510041
Fax: 0865674162
Physical Address: 36 Hubert Mathew Road Corner Laurie Road Illiondale Edenvale 1609

Debt Counselling is a fast paced business, with rapid changes and strict deadlines. There can be many hold ups along the way and, if the Debt Counsellor is to avoid unnecessary work, caused by non-adherence to time lines, then they need an efficient Debt Counselling System to streamline the process Maximus has harnessed technology to offer you that peace of mind, ensuring that your Debt Counselling Practice is well watched over and that every single client will be competently dealt with.

Maximus is a Debt Counselling Management System designed by Debt Counsellors for Debt Counsellors. Maximus seamlessly guides the Debt Counsellor through the Debt Review process, utilising a series of workflows and management tools. The System helps to ensure that you never miss any of those statutory deadlines, while at the same time ensuring that your clients case is resolved as swiftly as possible. Maximus offers 7 different payment plans, including DCRS, Hybrid, Negotiate, Manual and Court plans.

An Arrears plan has been designed to assist in recovering lost revenue due to non-payment, and also allows you to follow up with your client the moment a payment deadline is missed, thus cutting down on the number of terminations. Maximus has many more features, including seamless integration with Hyphen PDA, the DCRS engine, major Credit Bureaus and online Marital Status checks.