Arnoud van den Bout Inc. Attorneys

Attorney: Arnoud van den Bout Inc. Attorneys
Telephone Number: 087 150 0646
Physical Address: Ground Floor Suite 2, Glen Gables Office Park - Block B South
Address Line 2: 77 Lynnwood Road
City/Town: Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria
Code: 0081

Arnoud van den Bout Inc. Attorneys is a reputable boutique law firm in Pretoria, which specialises in debt counselling and all other NCA related matters.

The firm created and continues to use a workflow system that ensures a positive outcome. The cornerstone of its debt counselling practice is the outstanding relationship they have with their debt counsellor clients. All parties have a role to play in any successful debt counselling matter and are they keenly aware of this fact. The firm has an adaptable fee structure which can be flexed to suit the needs of the consumer client.

In total the firm has more than 300 pending applications for 61 courts across the country, predominantly in the Pretoria and Madibeng courts. It uses an established and continuously growing correspondent network to assist with the appearances where logistics prevents them from doing it themselves.

Due to the high volumes of work dealt with, the firm has already solved many practical challenges with pragmatic solutions.

The firm’s attorneys ensure that they keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the law pertaining to debt review.

Exceptional references can be provided on request.